How to recover deleted photos and videos from Samsung galaxy s4

Samsung galaxy s4 is an amazing industrial feat, it sports a 13 MP sharp camera which is by far the most capable camera ever bestowed on a phone. Like the stellar hardware, the camera software is also ingenious and fun to use, it is probably safe to assume that a lot of cherished moments has been captured by the galaxy 4, pictures of cats doing wondrously funny stuffs… which are tragically deleted by accident.

If that is the case, be no worry, chances are good that the deleted files can be brought back.

Deleting a photo/video/music from Samsung galaxy s4 is no different from deleting files from a computer, when a delete command is sent, the operating system doesn’t replace all the 0s and 1s with 0s, it just delete the reference pointer to the file and leaves the actual file intact. The photo recovery tool work because it re-discover the data and bring it back to the grace of the operating system.

The step by step guide to recover deleted photo from Samsung galaxy s4


  1. Samsung galaxy s4 stores media files in the MicroSD card by default, take the card out from the phone, insert it in the SD card adapter that came along with the card when you bought the SD card package, then insert the adapter in your laptop, if you reading this article on a desktop pc, find a USB MicroSD card reader. If you don’t have neither adapter or reader, just connect your phone with SD card installed via USB cable, with USB debugging mode enabled.
  2. Download photo recovery for Samsung galaxy s4. The software caters both windows and mac users.
    free-downloadDownload For Windows                  Download-for-MacDownload For Mac
  3. Start photo recovery software, after initialization, click “recover photo, video and audio”.
  4. In the next window the software will pop up a window to present the removable media it has detected, which is the phone’s SD card memory, click on scanning.
  5. The scanning process takes a few minutes, the time will depend on how many files are stored in the SD card. While scanning, recoverable files are listed and organized by file types, in the right pane a picture box is used for evaluating the recoverable photos and videos.
  6. After scanning is over, it is up to you to sort out the jumbled files, since the pointer reference of the files are removed, all the files are nameless, use the file filter to easily locate wanted files.
  7. Recover and backup the deleted photos from Samsung galaxy s4.

Frequently asked questions

The software doesn’t recognize the SD card of galaxy s4, it didn’t show up in the “select media for recovery” process, but it does show up in the windows file explorer? What happened?

Check if the USB debugging mode is turned on, or just disconnect and reconnect.

Recover files from internal memory?

Recover deleted photos from internal memory is a whole different story, the method is time consuming and geeky, check recover deleted photos from android internal memory.

Luckily, the default storage location for media files on Samsung galaxy s4 is the SD card, normally it doesn’t require file recovery from the internal memory, which is where the system files are resided.

 How to turn on USB debugging mode?

Go to settings – about phone – build numbers, tap “build numbers” seven times, doesn’t have to be super precise… then you are a developer, in the appeared developer options, turn on USB debugging mode.

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