How to recover deleted mp4 video from android phone

Help: last night I was casually going through the media library on my android, too causal may be, I was deleting one clips but it turns out that I wiped the whole media library. I record the videos on the sd card storage and the file format is mp4, is there any way I can recover the deleted mp4 videos from my android

Yes you can, and we are going to elaborate – how to recover deleted mp4 from android

Why the mp4 videos can be brought back?

Mp4 is the standard file format for high end smartphones phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, nokia lumia 820, HTC one x to record videos. If you accidentally deleted the mp4 videos from your android, it is not vaporized. It’s more like lost, not destroyed. The pointer to this file is removed from the file allocation table, that’s why you can’t locate deleted mp4 videos on your android, and deleted files are vulnerable because the storage space they are occupied is marked by the os as available, when new media finally comes, the deleted mp4 video will be overwritten and beyond repair. Before that, the situation can be totally fixed

The step by step guide to recover deleted mp4 from android

  1. Download mp4 recovery, the software is a desktop application for windows or mac, not an app for android, app has yet to evolved to take on tasks like this
    free-downloadDownload For Windows                  Download-for-MacDownload For Mac
  2. Connect the sd card with computer via a sd card reader, if you don’t have it, set your phone as USB mass storage mode and connect with computer via usb
  3. After downloading, installing, launching the mp4 video recovery, click “Start scan”
  4. Select media drive, normally “removable drive”, click “Scan”
  5. Scanning process could take a while, after that, choose the files you want back. Also the software will bring back some old deleted files that are intended to be deleted.
  6. Recover deleted mp4 from android
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